1. ”..Yet there are times when even we children of sunlight may find comfort in the gentle healing embrace of darkness.”- Haruki Murakami

  8. A Night With Terra 5 [Otokore Documentary]

    Chicago, a world class city known for it’s rabid sports fans, obnoxious obsession with anything Al Capone and of course music.

    While on the surface the world is captivated by the likes of Chance the Rapper, drilling hard with the likes of Chief Keef and bracing themselves for another long Ye season.Chicago holds another scene that might not be expected from the city now known for corruption, shootings and failing school system that are attributed to the world class city.

    Otokore, music/art that features themes and lyrics about video games, anime, even comic books sounds as through it’s an off-shoot of the adored Nerdcore scene of the 2000’s. It actually shares no relation or link. The scene is organic, birthed from adolescents and nostalgia, discussed among friends on the playground to being produced and perfected in college dorms and bedrooms across the Chicago land area.

    The leaders of this enthusiastic, powerful movement The Terra Godz (Also known as Terra 5/T5) ; have rocked art galleries, basements and roof tops for the past three years and they along with a growing number of artist such as Geospace Republic, Bombbay Boys and Basixsage show a scene that will hopefully remain a standard that Chicago desperately needs.  

    Shot on the night of the adored Lalapalooza, with help of COUCHLOCK web channel, A Night With Terra 5 gives you a D.I.Y. inside of just another night in Chicago’s underground.


    Shot by: Larry Love. Editor: Robert Ruiz. Via Outskirtnoise.com